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The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost For Putin

By Vlad Karavaev

Moscow, Russia & Kyiv, UkrainePutin’s chickens have come home to roost after decades of rape, murder, poisoning, market manipulations, crypto heists, money laundering, harassment, hacking, stalking, drug dealing and worst of all destroying and walking over his own peoples dead bodies along the way. The Russian people have been openly robbed by Putin for years, held upside down, as he has amassed billions illegally from them and the rest of the world with his allies. All on the backs and labor of the Russian People and also now young dead Russian soldiers.

The Chickens Come Home To Roost

This 700-year-old proverb began with the phrase “curses are like chickens; they always come home to roost.” The terrible actions that one may conduct in his or her lifetime are compared to chickens. In farms, hens and chickens frequently roam around all day hunting for food.

They retreat to the shelter of their hen-house or mistress to roost when the sun begins to set. This term is said to have originated with Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

The repercussions of wrongdoing always catch up with the culprit like a curse, The chickens have come home to roost.

Ukraine And Russia

The world has embraced Ukraine, it’s brave people and the strong Ukrainian President for Putin’s War Crimes that has officially ended Putin’s open ended reign of terrorism. The world, Ukraine’s new large family, will and is demonstrating this through every channel imaginable putting the power in the hands of the people of Russia And Ukraine this time.

Putin Has No Body To Blame And Hate But Himself

This time Putin cant blame the West or NATO for his problems. It’s become obvious to all. Putin did it all by himself. Call him the World’s Most Valuable Player.

Putin has become unstable, delirious and unhinged while growing further by the day into isolation making him the single biggest threat to the Russian people and its land. The world felt his disturbed state of mind characterized by restlessness, illusions, incoherence of thought and threats of nuclear weapons after his random invasion and killings last week as the World moves as fast as possible to limit his risks to the rest of the world.

Unfortunately Putin’s actions are putting additional pressure on the Russian people already grappling with Coronavirus, death and his other humanitarian crisis as they lose more and more health, family, children and money. His leadership has failed them.

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Although the sanctions set on Putin collaterally hurt the Russian people… the socially coherent and financially responsible Russian people and others around the world may be Russia’s greatest asset in the mid-term. There is no doubt that after the smoke clears from Putin’s attempted heist of Ukraine the Russian people will benefit greatly without Putin. How? Putin currently controls all the money. Good and Bad.

The Russian people and businesses don’t.

Imagine the wealth and economic increases the Russian region, its people and businesses would gain without Vladimir Putin’s regime and gangs. It would be an amazing turn around for the country and it’s people with limitless peaceful financial gains and opportunities.


The tragic accounts set fourth by Putin do have a silver lining. It gives the people of Ukraine and Russia hope, love and a second chance to make a difference that betters Russia and the world as they come together on their own terms.

On Monday, a delegation led by Ukraine’s defense minister began cease-fire talks with Russian officials near the Ukrainian border with Belarus, as Ukrainian forces repelled a series of Russian attacks on the capital, Kyiv, and Russian troops shelled a residential neighborhood in Kharkiv’s eastern city.

The talks come on the 5th day of violence from Putin. Reports show that their is little hope in talks succeeding though as all Putin’s demands have been surrender or die to Ukraine. The moves are most likely a stall tactic by Putin as he races his thoughts and attempts again and again to destroy the Country.





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