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BITCOIN: An American Crime Story – Chapter 5 – Good And Terrible – Coming To America


BITCOIN: An American Crime Story – Chapter 5 – “Good And Terrible” – “Coming to America” BYLT™ NEWS THE BYLT TEAM

United States of America – Welcome to the nineties. A time almost identical to today. A power loss of the Communist Party in the late eighties led Russia to reinvent itself once again with even more diabolical intentions and stealth.

The communist party in the United States was formed in 1919 and is directly entangled with Russia to the current day and focused on predatory practice ever since. From fake organizations setup to help people such as African American, LGBT And Women to track, extort, rob, monitor, cover up and or even murder – covert predatory practice is the norm. IP addresses, medical history, locations, school records and more are used to identify the enemy and or ammunition for cover ups and framing individuals.

“Good And Terrible”

It is the 1990’s where sexual freedoms are becoming more and more expressive, Madonna, women, men and others felt more secure in sexual freedom, mixed race marriages and of course abortion came up.

With a failing oppressing communist party abroad and on U.S. soil we know that they felt the need to return to power. Exactly what is going on right now. Hanging on by a string in the worst of desperation all while selling the backs, brains and souls of American citizens.

The interviewee was able to convey details of the revolution. The revolution that involves technology as well. With technology comes trolls. The trolls are always there waiting and listening. They are call communists.

Control of technology is a life long obsession as well as space and race for Communists. So is keeping you out of it and in a box.

They are unable to process alternative ways unless it is for covert cover ups and predatory attacks. It is not speculation but facts circled in history where ever we look. With the current day stranglehold on supply chain attacks, market manipulation, communications, courts, elections and all out war on satellite control they pose the closest clear and present danger the Nation has ever seen.

“Coming To America”

With an American push in technology of the future you can expect to see obstruction wherever you look and one should always watch how and what you distribute and to who.

Just like then and just like now money laundering and funding to take over of a Foreign government is difficult and complex.

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The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost For Putin

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Enter Peter Theil and Elon Musk

With foreign powers come manchurian actors. Or Puppets. Venture Capital has become the goto way of funding espionage, foot holds and laundering. They can not pay off Politician as easy so they have to divert. Crypto currency schemes and ponzi scheme funding also dissolves clarity in funding sources and distribution.

Let’s be real. This is 2022. For all you know is nothing. For example Musk could be a triple DNA arranged planted surrogate with Hitler, Putin and others mixed in. What do you think they are doing up there in Toronto and Russia for the past 30 years? Mind control techniques and activity has been increasing from the eighties through the 90’s to the new hybrid versions we have now by communists.

Electronic payments and logistics become ever more important for the Communist party during the nineties and funding these ventures are a priority to get in on a foundational level and sit there with access waiting. Same as now. That is why you see such anger that they thought they knew what was coming next. It is because of all the money and effort they use on surveillance and to be ahead of the curve. They need to be able to erase evidence, plant evidence or steal and kill. They don’t stop and never will.

People of course are not always hip to the schemes and that is understandable, but there is limits to everything and individual use cases where literally brain washing creates mental blocks and memory erasure.

The 90’s we saw a huge influx of new money, bankers and politicians. During the later 90’s we saw additional upswing in surveillance activity due to new technology like Google, ebay, Netscape and AOL.

Schools and Abortion clinics were also moving online along with records. The Patent office too. Footholds were needed and they were gotten. Technology surveillance was well underway by 2000 with google searches, research and more running through DOD systems and google most of which were already compromised by far right christian communists.

Enter Trump & Saudi Arabia

Flashback to September 11, 2001 and Saudi Arabia has already contracted these people to assist in the attacks by the known terrorists – driven to crash 2 planes into both towers killing over 5,000 people and two other plane crashes that day. One hitting the Pentagon and One that the passengers were able to self ground giving all their lives.

Emergency services are needed and requested for life management, rescue and cleanup. Donald Trump gains control of contract delegation while Rudy Giuliani stands ground directing operations. All companies involved in the clean up can be directly linked to far right organized crime that spreads to Chicago, Cuba, Connecticut, Florida &Toronto and Italy also ground zero influence came from Kushner properties relationships. As they are gaining intelligence on why Rudy can not get out – it is a concerning situation.

At this point we begin to see the full circles complete for Saudi, Trump, NY Organized Crime, Rudy, Kushner, Paypal, Theil, and Musk in 2021 and again now in 2022. In it to the end they don’t have a choice not to cover it up. But we will get into that later…..

Communism is a disease and highly contagious. When your loop closes, its time to go. Just ask Trump

They’re back………..

Stay Tuned For Chapter 6

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