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Offshore Wind Farm Projects In North-East Start To Take-off. It Has Not Been An Easy Road.


East Coast, United States Of America – Offshore wind projects have come a long way since the first installation in Denmark in 1991. With the years have come an ever evolving process and engineering of new infrastructure. Prone to outside forces such as competing interests the ride has not been easy on those pioneers.

Welcome to New England. The Second continent to only Europe to pioneer off shore energy projects and a push in to the future of off shore research and development.

Where The Off Shore Wind Power Projects Started

New England, the first location in North America, and the original pioneer of North America’s first offshore wind turbine project and in turn for the United States off shore wind economy. New England’s first project gained its first experience and off shore wind stripes while being developed and constructed just off the coast of Rhode Island. Located at the quaint little island just off Rhode Island‘s coast named New Shoreham, Rhode Island or informally “Block Island…. Home to some of the nations best surfers at times and remarkable bluff lined beaches.

The project being the first and only in the Country drew attention from overseas competing interests and political climates continuously – operational “unknown difficulties” and continuous “offline” moments. The silver lining and advantages offered invaluable gains of knowledge and foresight over the years for the upcoming infrastructure goals, forecasting interests, risks and a little know how for industry and government leaders.


With the projects also came know how and experience. Some problems unspoken, some in public view, have led to resistance seen around the globe but pioneering and ingenuity has kept the evolution spinning forward.

Little did anyone know such a little island and project could spur research, development, investments and new industries, in turn churning out across the U.S. and world.

The projects offer and represent more than a windmill in the ocean. The projects represent new and other interests that will spur renewable, sustainable and environmental projects.

Acting as a landing pad and takeoff source for new and expanded energy which is powered by current, waves, tides, hydro-power or sea based properties, derivatives and materials. New and other subsurface technologies for the future and continuous renewable clockwork energy sources for distribution over a future grid of reliability and reliance in the best interests of allies and the nations security are now a continuous force being deployed.

Ocean Wave Energy Hydrokinetic CREDIT BOEM
Hydro-Kinetic Ocean Wave Energy CREDIT BOEM

A Balancing Act Of Enormous Effort, Scale & Complexity.

At the same time as tackling Hartford, The Connecticut River, & Affordable Housing the State of Connecticut is dealing and – has – had an unbearable and a frustrating two years on the renewables front.

Aggressive renewable goals across the Country with the needs of allies abroad in Europe that in a normal political an cultural climate would seem like a “all hands on deck” moment… But.

Bleed through effects of aged land grids and overhead legacy grid infrastructure coupled with what is competition in the eyes of big oil, corporations and political forces willing to go to war will always lead to surprises.

The North-Easts Complicated Energy History

Complicated history including, the monopolies across the utility fronts, those not lucky enough to have municipal utilities such as some neighboring areas such as Shrewsbury, Massachusetts and Wallingford, Connecticut.

These areas mentioned, which are municipal ran, can pay somewhere in between $35.00 – $60.00 a month for generation and distribution of energy with the aged land based infrastructure compared to regions under UI and Eversource in the North-East where delivery charges alone cost well beyond that – nearly double. Expect a bill for $300.00 $400.00 a month for similar draw, generation and distribution for same 1500-2000 SF home.

Some legacy companies have other history to consider… There is still major cleanups in all regions such as the Housatonic River, Grand Ave and Quinnipiac River water ways. Sites that still have environmental wastes, hazardous materials and cleanups to be completed and restored from the last time electricity was made or generated by them locally. There is multi-state issues as well, some of which are coming on sitting stagnant for a hundred years.

With the current paths – uncertainty still looms and expect hiccups with these projects due to the complex geo-political environments and other corporate wars going on at the highest of levels. They are not all local influences but abroad as well.

A wake up call for all those involved, the way money is and has been contracted out is simply not responsible, ethical or sustainable to the point it goes unnoticed by the public. Where it is invested in or out. Accountability by the population and media attention makes the status quo harder to get away with.

Lack of investment over the last 100 years or so has led to the growing frustrations. Lack of investment and proper reinvestment for example dizzying and continuous 24/7 tree maintenance, lets say, is not investment or normal evolution needs.

Local neighborhood respect, investment and critical backbone infrastructure that includes economic and support needed to the region verses for comparison sake “a siphon out” typical protocol seems not to be tolerated at this point but will remain a fight for citizens and supporting governmental leaders.

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Technology and education is traveling at a sling shot speed and an increased and overdue stall of technology releases over the last two decades will result in new forms of energy generation, new aquaculture, marine and hydro research, development and energy generation technology resources beyond wind will be on the forefront as well, different voltage requirements, panels and products including specification design not only in cars, road and concrete products but distribution, transmission, storage and gravity sinks for structures and homes.

Expect changes in harvesting and storage interoperability that serves local and expandable needs. The State sees similar issues with outdated grid and private solar distributions which in retrospect seem like blue laws in comparison.

The same syndicates that have driven costs and energy distribution to triple or quadruple will continue either obstruction or geo-political interference. Regardless offshore wind goals are now on track again….

Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts & New York Offshore Wind Power Projects

In the last few weeks Connecticut has regained a strong foothold again with it’s offshore wind projects as staged materials for the projects have landed at the Port Of New London.

“Revolution Wind” as the State of Connecticut has named the effort serves not only Rhode Island, New York and Rhode Island but a pioneering revitalization of New London’s pier as a hub for construction and staging of the off shore wind industry. The projects in turn attracting investment by other corporations and economic reinforcements to the industry.

“Revolution Wind represents another step forward in achieving the Biden-Harris administration’s goal of deploying 30 gigawatts of offshore wind energy capacity by 2030,”

“The project’s approval underscores the Administration’s commitment to promoting domestic energy production and fighting climate change, while promoting economic growth and fostering environmental stewardship within coastal communities. We are committed to working closely with Tribes, state and local leaders, industry, ocean users, and key stakeholders to responsibly develop this clean energy resource and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.”

BOEM Director Elizabeth Klein

Since the President took office, companies have announced 18 offshore wind shipbuilding projects as well as investments of nearly $3.5 billion across 12 manufacturing facilities and 13 ports to strengthen the American offshore wind supply chain, representing thousands of new jobs. Companies have quadrupled their U.S. offshore wind investments to over $20 billion, representing thousands of jobs to come.

The Biden-Harris Administration and BOEM remain on track to complete reviews of at least 16 offshore wind project plans by 2025, representing more than 27 gigawatts of clean energy.

In addition to the Tri-State and Rhode Island’s progress Massachusetts has been well underway as well. Beginning on or around September 10th and continuing through mid-October, cable laying operations for the inter-array cables will be conducted, beginning with array cable lines five and six.

The Cable Laying Vessel ISAAC NEWTON will be conducting cable laying operations for the inter-array cables and will remain on-site until early October.


The C-PIONEER will be acting as a stationary support vessel, supporting cable pulling activities for the inter-array cables.

The Trenching Support Vessel ADHEMAR DE SAINT-VENANT will be performing cable trenching, burial works.


The F/V SEAFARER will be operating around the activities as a safety vessel to monitor traffic and facilitate safe movement of fishing vessels, recreational craft, or other transiting vessels around the work sites and project vessels.

Ongoing Geotechnical Offshore Vessels

The GEOQUIP SAENTIS will be executing geotechnical surveys in the OCS-522 (Vineyard Northeast) Lease Area waters operations beginning on or around September 21st and continuing until October 5th. The F/V ENCOURAGER will be serving as a Scout Vessel.

GEOQUIP SAENTIS Offshore Wind Vessel

East Coast And Beyond Off Shore Wind Farm Pipeline & Updates

Project Name Linked to BOEM page with details and public meeting infoLease Number Linked to Portal mapLessee / Parent CompanyStatus / Public commentProject Location Footprint, cable route(s), and/or turbine locations (as available)
Block Island Wind FarmState leaseDeepwater Wind New England LLC / Orsted North America Inc.OperationMap
Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind – PilotOCS-A 0497Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Mines Minerals and EnergyOperationMap
Vineyard Wind 1OCS-A 0501Vineyard Wind 1 LLC / Avangrid Renewables LLC & Copenhagen Infrastructure PartnersEnvironmental Review and Permitting CompleteMap
South Fork Wind FarmOCS-A 0517South Fork Wind LLC / Orsted North America Inc. & EversourceEnvironmental Review and Permitting CompleteMap
Ocean Wind 1OCS-A 0498Ocean Wind LLC / Orsted North America Inc. & PSEGEnvironmental Review and Permitting CompleteMap
Revolution WindOCS-A 0486Revolution Wind LLC / Orsted North America Inc. & EversourceEnvironmental Review and Permitting CompleteMap
Empire WindOCS-A 0512Empire Offshore Wind LLC / Equinor Wind US & BPBOEM DEISMap
Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind – CommercialOCS-A 0483Virginia Electric and Power Company – Dominion EnergyBOEM DEISMap
Sunrise WindOCS-A 0487Sunrise Wind LLC / Orsted North America Inc. & EversourceBOEM DEISMap
New England Wind (Phase 1: Park City Wind; Phase 2: Commonwealth Wind)OCS-A 0534Park City Wind LLCBOEM DEISMap
SouthCoast WindOCS-A 0521SouthCoast Wind Energy LLC / Ocean Winds & ShellBOEM DEISMap
Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Project 1OCS-A 0499Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Projects 1 & 2 LLCs / Shell New Energies US LLC & EDF Renewables North AmericaBOEM DEISMap
Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Project 2OCS-A 0499Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Projects 1 & 2 LLCs / Shell New Energies US LLC & EDF Renewables North AmericaBOEM DEISMap
Kitty HawkOCS-A 0508Avangrid Renewables LLCBOEM NOIMap
US WindOCS-A 0490US Wind IncBOEM NOIMap
Beacon WindOCS-A 0520Beacon Wind LLC / Equinor Wind US & BPBOEM NOIMap
Bay State WindOCS-A 0500Bay State Wind LLC / Orsted North America Inc. & EversourceCOP Submitted
Skipjack Wind 1OCS-A 0519Skipjack Offshore Energy LLC / Orsted North America Inc.COP Submitted
Garden State Offshore EnergyOCS-A 0482GSOE LLC / Orsted North America Inc. & PSEGSAP Approved
Vineyard NortheastOCS-A 0522Vineyard Northeast LLCSAP Approved
Project name(s) to be announcedOCS-A 0532Orsted North America Inc
Project name(s) to be announcedOCS-A 0549Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind, LLC
Project name(s) to be announcedOCS-A 0544Mid-Atlantic Offshore Wind LLC
Project name(s) to be announcedOCS-A 0542Invenergy Wind Offshore LLC
Project name(s) to be announcedOCS-A 0541Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Bight LLC
Project name(s) to be announcedOCS-A 0539Community Offshore Wind LLC
Project name(s) to be announcedOCS-A 0538Attentive Energy LLC
Project name(s) to be announcedOCS-A 0537Bluepoint Wind LLC
Project name(s) to be announcedOCS-A 0545TotalEnergies Renewables USA LLC
Project name(s) to be announcedOCS-A 0546Duke Energy Renewables Wind LLC
Last edit: August 24, 2023 Per BOEM
Other BOEM Offshore Wind Atlantic Planning Updates Linked to BOEM page with details and public meeting infoLocation Linked to Portal mapRelevant Date(s)
Final Wind Energy Areas (WEAs) in the Central AtlanticMapPublic comment period closed August 31, 2023
Draft Environmental Assessment for a Wind Energy Research Lease on the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf Offshore MaineMapPublic comment period closed August 21, 2023
Gulf of Maine Call for Information and NominationsMapPublic comment period closed June 12, 2023
New York Bight Programmatic EISMapPublic comment period closed August 30, 2022
Last edit: September 1, 2023 Per BOEM




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