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ADDENDUM NO. 1 TO PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS FOR CITY OF DORCHESTER WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS 2019-2020 GRANT PROJECT TDA NO. 7220120 September 1, 2021 REVISED BID DATE: SEPTEMBER 13, 2021 The following changes to the plans, specifications, and contract documents for the City of Dorchester Water Distribution Improvements TDA Grant Project No. 7220120, shall supersede the appropriate parts of the original plans and specifications and shall be incorporated as part of the contract. CHANGE OF BID DATE & TIME: The Bid date and time has been changed to: 1:30 PM, Monday, September 13, 2021 at the City of Dorchester City offices located at 373 Main Street, Dorchester, Texas. MODIFICATIONS TO WATER PIPE SPECIFICATIONS: Acceptable pipe for this project includes 6″ PVC Pressure Rated SDR -21 (Class 200 psi) Potable Water Pipe or 6″ AWWA C-900 DR-18 (150 psi) Pressure Rated Potable Water Pipe. Any questions regarding this project are to be sent to Kerry D. Maroney, P.E., Biggs & Mathews, Inc., Project Engineer, or phone 940-781-3581. This Addendum shall be signed and returned with the Bid Proposal Form. Failure to submit this signed Addendum may be cause for rejection of the Bid. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RECEIPT OF ADDENDUM NO. 1: BIGGS & MATTHEWS, INC KERRY D. MARONEY, P.E.

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