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RUSSIA Offers New Threats To Foreign Low Orbit Satellites

Moscow, RussiaMoscow offered fresh threats towards commercial and educational low orbit satellites today. The country claims unfair advantages with regards to the rest of the worlds access to the somewhat new trend in low orbit surveillance, data collection, and open source gathering used in educational, institutional, emergency, health, and environmental data centers.

Companies, Schools and Institutional managers should review current protocols, including, with insurance carriers. Make sure your carrier is compatible Geo-politically.

As the ”war” teeters on more of  ”terrorist attacks” related to energy control and manipulation of markets rather than ”act of war” lawyers will have a complicated time arguing cases until all investigations and war crime investigations are complete for affected parties related to both cyber and physical damages.

With that said we do not have a time for that. With the information gathered this far Terror will most likely by the end result. Check exposure all though minimal at this point – you have more risk with Russia intercepting or bouncing signals, or possibly hacking similar to Starlink hacks reported.

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Russia most recently was illegally awarded several low orbit satellites after a botched seizure – then – theft back to Russia. The original successful operation was under Boris Johnson before his resignation. The theft back was linked after his resignation and linked to far right supporters in UK and EU. The satellites were part of ONEWEB. We are unsure the fate of these sats and do not have further information.

In the unlikely event please report any obscure or suspicious activity to the U.S. Air Force Intelligence Agencies.

Ports, Maritime, Transportation and Heavy Equipment operators should remain grasped on mechanical analog points and check everything.

An independent research analysis report by AGGRECOST also has shown that these satellites in addition to on the ground mining apparatus for cryptocurrencies has been linked to higher emissions and stolen energy then disclosed at all. Equipment was also found to lack proper UL listings and other energy related inspection and certification. They string a thread by continuous pulls uncontrollable – evidence has also shown interference in navigational GPS systems or control systems with maritime and heavy equipment. There is evidence this has damaged the atmosphere, geomagnetic fields, wildfires and data center overheating the past 6-8 years at climax.




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